Blog Contest Coming...

There is going to be a blog contest going on over at Knittinfun Blog
The winner will be receiving 8 new skeins of yarn from my stash, plus a pattern!
Don't forget to check back often as the contest will be starting soon!
I will be posting another free pattern for you also, as soon as the camera batteries charge up.
A great bath cloth that is soft and durable. So don't miss out! Check back soon.


This weeks links

I know I was lax last week in posting, my lists knew it too. But here I am and I have found some great patterns for this weekend.
Victoria (knitted bag)
Spring Baby Outfit (crochet)
Phineas Socks
Just in case you aren't on my lists I have news out of Iraq, well kinda.
Desire' was supposed to fly out to Kuwait on Thursday but the dust storms were so bad they grounded all flights. Everyone was working on trying to get them out and they were actually on a flight on Friday but a storm was coming and they had to put her back down. They had a flight set up for them today if they could get to Baghdad in time, that is all we know. We haven't heard from her yet today and we are taking this as a good sign that she will be calling soon from Kuwait and they will be able to be home on the projected date. FRIDAY! We will be making a four hour trip to get her and be there for the Welcome Home Ceremony. It is a long trip but it will be well worth it to see my baby girl back home again.
Pray for her safe and speedy return.


This weekend's Free Patterns

Here are the links I sent out to the groups today.
Crochet: Cute Prom Purse
Knitting: Felted Coasters and Hot Pads
Socks: Side Step Socks
Have a great weekend!


New Freebies for this week

I run three lists on Yahoo!
You can join any of these groups by clicking on the name of the group. It will open your email program and send an email that will subscribe you to the group.
I send out an email, mostly every Saturday, with links to patterns I find around the internet.
Then I will also be posting the links here for anyone that doesn't receive the emails. Or can't get to their email at the moment.
So for this week we have:
Knitted Eggplant Tank Pattern
The Crocheted Banana Bay
These Awesome Caledonia Socks
I hope you enjoy this Saturday's Offerings.


Child's Regia Sock Pattern Added

My basic sock pattern done on one 12" circ has been added to the free patterns in the side bar.
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.
If you don't have it you can get it here
Adobe Acrobat Reader


House of Grands Cloth

Bernat Cotton Tots yarn
Size 4 needles (you need a realy dense fabric to help scrub out the ground in dirt)

Ktbl=Knit Through Back Loops

Cast On 35 sts

R1,3&5: K5tbl, P5, across
R2,4&6: P5, K5tbl
R7: K across

Repeat these 7 rows 8 times more.
BO on your last R7.
Wala! The bestest Grandkid scrubbing cloth ever made.

Spindlicity : Nordic Lights Socks

Nordic Lights Socks
These socks are absolutely awesome. If you are a brave soul, you can spin your own yarn. And I admire you if you do. Me, I am going to use what I have laying around.