House of Grands Cloth

Bernat Cotton Tots yarn
Size 4 needles (you need a realy dense fabric to help scrub out the ground in dirt)

Ktbl=Knit Through Back Loops

Cast On 35 sts

R1,3&5: K5tbl, P5, across
R2,4&6: P5, K5tbl
R7: K across

Repeat these 7 rows 8 times more.
BO on your last R7.
Wala! The bestest Grandkid scrubbing cloth ever made.

Spindlicity : Nordic Lights Socks

Nordic Lights Socks
These socks are absolutely awesome. If you are a brave soul, you can spin your own yarn. And I admire you if you do. Me, I am going to use what I have laying around.