Blog Contest Coming...

There is going to be a blog contest going on over at Knittinfun Blog
The winner will be receiving 8 new skeins of yarn from my stash, plus a pattern!
Don't forget to check back often as the contest will be starting soon!
I will be posting another free pattern for you also, as soon as the camera batteries charge up.
A great bath cloth that is soft and durable. So don't miss out! Check back soon.


Doris said...

I have some free patterns to share, my own designs. On your Yahoo! Group you said to email you but I couldn't figure out how to. Can you tell me how to get in touch with you via email?

Happy Knitting!

Wesker said...

Thanks for the info. Very well written and easy to follow. I have posted a few of my articles on Wacanai.com(http://www.wacanai.com/intro). It's nice because I just link it to my page and when someone searches for anything similar to my article then they recommend mine. They also have some graphs that you can put on your page to help track who's reading your stuff and how helpful they are finding it.

Anonymous said...

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